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Guess what? I have rebrought the Marvel Comics RPG. I call it the "Marvel RPG Unlimited." Unfortunatly the Marvel RPG unlimited is temporarily stopped and will be re-entered sometime in June. My site has officially became a sprite comic/misc site now. I am deeply sorry to report it. Please check out my sprite comics and misc and please come often because I frequently update this site. Also we are linked from! It's awesome!

<DIV>Update page: 7-4-03
Decided to start writing what I update...
Finally edited the Home you know the Marvel RPG Unlited is not coming soon because it came a while ago...of course we haven't gotten much sparring in lately...
I put in day 2 for "michael's world" That will be interesting...
Go to my other site <A href="" ></A> for my updates with I.G.T.M Season 2.
I deleted my book page(s) my book is no longer for sale!
Updated my email address, its no longer <A href="" ></A> it is now <A href="" ></A> email that one from now on with any questions or comments.
Also edited the link to psyguy's site which is dead now.</DIV>
added day two to michael's world...i may have said it before but well looks like i only made it i didnt add the link hahahahahahaha :smacks himself:
Added day3 also.
Speaking of book no longer for sale thats because my book is going to be in bookstores!
Also edited the michael's world....</DIV>
Wow its been a while...
My book is on its way to publication! Now all you losers who didn't buy it when I had it for grabs for 3 bucks wil have to buy it at a store MLAH!
Added a new site to "other sites"
Wow...what are the odds suckcast will stop working for a few weeks? 1:1! Sheesh! The worst part is it may still not be permanent. But keep a look out I am going to be making two other sites GAH! One for my friend's club "Anime Academy" (That I helped them out with hehe) and my club "The Gamer Society" which they helped me out with. (Of course there's will start first since I am starting from scratch on mine and there's was passed down to them). </DIV>
Well I made a new site the third installment to the ganico web. It will hold all my new stuff. The url is <A href="" ></A> </DIV>
<DIV>Well its a new month! I updated every site I own (except the marvel rpg since I won't go back to that untill thanksgiving vacation).</DIV>
<DIV>Yeah...uhh decided to edit a few things on this site that is old book is available now! <A href="" ></A> type in the word Gatti in the search engine and my book will pop up! $16.95 plus S+H.</DIV>
<DIV>Updated the links at random so now you can go to my 6th site.

Updated the links so now you can go to my 7th Family Guy Dedicated Website.